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We are proud to partner with Sunshield UK Unique Louvers. They are passionate about creating effective solutions to manage daylight, avoid glare and control heating by the sun. Regardless of the complexity of your situation or your request, Sunshield & Urban Skies are here to ensure a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, with a strong positive effect on the energy balance.

Specialists in brise soleil, motorised facades and sliding shutters.

Solar heat gain is an ever growing issue within modern building design. With modern architecture using high quantities of glass to maximise the draw of natural light, the issue of overheating is becoming a problem many designers are working hard to solve. Fortunately Urban Skies is here to help – with our extensive experience in Brise Soleil and Solar-Shading we develop a range of different solutions/products which not only help with solar-heat gain, but also add some beautiful aesthetic touches.

We are one of the UK’s premier installers of Solar Shading; including  Brise Soleil, Louvred facades & sliding shutters

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