Part O Building Regulations

A new UK building regulation came into effect on 15 June 2022. This new regulation deals with the growing issue of buildings being designed and constructed without consideration of the building’s potential internal temperature.

What is the New Part O Building Regulation?

Approved Document O which you can view by clicking on the below buttons covers the overheating mitigation requirements of the building regulations; designing and constructing buildings to limit unwanted solar gains in summer and providing an adequate way of removing excess heat from the inside the building.

The regulations apply to all residential and institutional dwellings, including care facilities and student accommodation, anywhere you would stay overnight (excluding hotels), ranging from a single-story house to a high-rise apartment block.


Requirement O1 Overheating Mitigation of the Building Regulations states that dwellings, or other buildings containing rooms for residential purposes, should make reasonable provision to:

  1. Limit unwanted solar gains in summer
  2. Provide an adequate means to remove heat from the indoor environment

In meeting these obligations account must be taken of the safety of the occupants, mechanical cooling may also only be used where insufficient heat is capable of being removed from the indoor environment without it.

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Solar heat gain is an ever growing issue within modern building design. With modern architecture using high quantities of glass to maximise the draw of natural light, the issue of overheating is becoming a problem many designers are working hard to solve. Fortunately Urban Skies is here to help – with our extensive experience in Brise Soleil and Solar-Shading we develop a range of different solutions/products which not only help with solar-heat gain, but also add some beautiful aesthetic touches.

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