Energy Saving Tips for your Home

Energy prices have soared this year and everyone’s feeling the pressure from rising costs across the board. Prices are at record levels, so it’s worth doing what you can and what’s within your control to save on costs and make your home as energy efficient as possible. 

In contrast to 1990, when the average number of appliances being used by a household was 4, it’s rocketed to 13 being used by the average household in 2022. This doesn’t necessarily mean that more energy’s being used, it’s roughly the same amount and this is because appliances have become increasingly energy efficient over time. 

However, there is always more that you can do to reduce energy usage and the amount of money spent on energy.

Switch Off

Do you always keep appliances and items running in the background? We’re all guilty of keeping the radio, tv or laptop on when it doesn’t need to be and getting more used to switching off and putting things on stand-by can help to save on energy. Be mindful of whether you actually need items to be running and start switching off at the plug. You can use scheduled timers in order to have appliances on when you need them and no time in between.

When you’re buying and replacing items, make sure they have good energy efficiency ratings too e.g washing machines, dishwashers etc.


Around half of the cost of energy is spent on heating and water so making your heating bills smarter is well worth the effort. A thermostat can help by only warming rooms you’re using at the times you’re using them and can be controlled via your phone. Turning heat down slightly can save you money every year.

New boilers with programmer, room thermostat and thermostatic radiator controls can help reduce energy consumption too.


Solar shading is a cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption and tackle overheating in building design. It reduces the need for air conditioning in the summer which can use up lots of energy and impact on indoor air quality. It also reduces the amount of heat lost in the winter, which means that a home won’t need to use as much energy to heat it. Shading also insulates a building’s glazed windows and can enhance the level of insulation that they provide. 


Insulating your home from the cold can help to decrease the amount of money spent on your heating bill and limit the heat lost by stopping draughts. This can be done via double glazing and also insulating a roof and the loft. Sealing cracks skirting boards can also help to reduce the heat lost. If you don’t have double glazing then plastic lining for your windows can also help to keep heat in and save on energy.

Here at Urban Skies, we offer a unique service that is tailored to you and if you’re interested in more information about how solar shading can enhance the style and energy efficiency of your property then get in touch with our experienced team today.