Solar Shading Products to Boost Energy Efficiency

Solar Shading Products to Boost Energy Efficiency

The energy crisis in Europe and the UK is affecting everyone, with prices at an all-time high it’s becoming harder for people to manage their finances and difficult choices are having to be made by families and individuals when it comes to the cost of living. The government has introduced a universal energy price guarantee, capping bills at an average £2500 for a typical property in winter. 

With lots of people struggling and concerns about the environment rightly being at the forefront of public policy, it’s never been more important to try and futureproof against increasing bills and look at boosting a property’s energy efficiency as much as possible.

A big overhaul is needed in the UK in an effort to improve energy efficiency, which will decrease prices, energy consumption and provide sustainable ways to work towards environmental targets.

Naturally, there are a lot of properties in the UK that were built without adequate insulation due to the time period they were built in. In fact Michael Lewis of E.on stated in an audit committee with the government that “If the 19 million homes are properly insulated it will save the equivalent of six nuclear power plants worth of energy.”

Solar Shading

This where solar shading can become a key part of the ongoing solution to meet energy efficiency demands. Solar shading is one of the cheapest, simplest and easiest ways to boost energy efficiency and stop overheating in buildings. 

Solar shading is a passive energy solution, which means that solar shading products don’t require energy input to function, which is in contrast to products like air conditioning or heating systems, which can end up using a lot of energy and being wasteful. 

Modern architecture tends to use a lot of glass in design, as home-owners want as much natural light as possible and to maximize the space that they have. Whilst this might look very attractive, the consequences can be overheating. 

Blinds, awnings, and shutters are all solar shading products that can be used to try and rectify this pressing issue.

Sliding Shutters

Sliding shutters are a solar solution that offer a sleek and stylish way to make a property more energy efficient and create a stunning aesthetic. Built using aluminium or timber louvres and bespoke laser cut screens, insulated cladding panels or even glass.

Sliding shutters help to keep heat in during the colder months and help keep interiors cooler in warmer months by reducing the amount of sunlight that can enter a property. It’s a passive and proven way to prevent overheating. 

Here at Urban Skies, we’re passionate about intelligent, attractive design, boosting energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprints, which makes Sliding Shutters and other solar shading products a smart and forward-thinking solution to these issues.

For more information about what you can do to improve energy efficiency in your home and whether solar shading is a realistic option, get in touch with our experienced team who will be happy to talk through your options.