Church Lane, Bedfordshire

6 meter x 2 meter

Church Lane,

Project Brief

We were brought in to tackle numerous projects for a client with a really keen eye for detail. The first and main project being a feature pergola at the rear of the property. The client was quite rightly thrilled with the design of the property and wanted to create a structure that maximised the impact of the building as you approached from the driveway. We created a walkway pergola that consisted of machined Oak aerofoil fins within the roof. The oak was chosen to blend in with the language of the property, as large segments within and outside the property where created in Oak. To give maximum impact, we spaced the fins closer together at the top of the walkway giving you obstructed glimpses of the building – then as you walked down the walkway closer to the house, the fin spacings increased giving you a gradual introduction to the property. The pergola was fitted with motion sensor lights, that illuminated as you walked down through the pergola.

We also aided the client with bespoke aluminium and glass covers for a number of basement fire escapes. Although pumps where fitted, the client was endlessly cleaning leaves and debris out. The brief was to create a system that didn’t obstruct light, could be closed to stop debris yet allow good airflow, and could be operated from below in an emergency. We developed a bespoke solution that consisted of sliding glass panels suspended on a lightweight aluminium frame. The panels where fixed with an emergency pull cord that could manually be opened from beneath.

Materials used:

  • 120mm x 120mm Aluminium frame work
  • 144×44 Machined Aerofoil European Oak Louvres
  • Warm White LED Spot Lights – operated on sensors
  • Colour: RAL 7012